About the Global Child Nutrition Forum

The Global Child Nutrition Forum is a learning exchange and technical assistance conference held annually to support countries in the development and implementation of sustainable school feeding programs. Since 1997, the annual Global Child Nutrition Forum has united leaders from countries around the world for up to five days of intensive training, technical assistance and planning, all directed toward establishing country-operated sustainable school feeding programs. By sharing their insights, experiences, and challenges, an informal worldwide alliance of leaders dedicated to advancing school feeding has evolved. As a result, the Forum has become a global catalyst for school feeding development.

Organized by the Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF), in partnership with varying host countries and organizations, the Forum brings together those interested in school feeding and child nutrition programs, including representatives of government offices, businesses, international organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, and many others. The Forum encourages open dialogue and the sharing of experiences, best practices, lessons learned, challenges and options to sustainably support nutritious home-grown school meal programs. The Forum is hosted in a different country each year, affording participants the opportunity to visit local schools and see one another’s programs in action. Upon returning home, participants serve as resources in their countries and often for neighboring countries’ school feeding programs.